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Curiosity that children express is the best teacher one can find. Young Innovator fills in the gap that exists in today’s learning and ignites the curiosity that is so innate to children. It endeavours to make children think and nurture creativity. Engaged learning is what Young Innovators firmly believes in.
Begun to instill a sense of inquisitiveness and to make learning fun and interesting, Young Innovators has been responsible for reigniting the creative streak in children. The team’s methodology and approach that is creative and interactive ensures success. Young Innovators measures its success when the learner is successful in applying the learnt concept. The motivation to learn and to put it in practice and in the process open new vistas of learning and capabilities is what Young Innovators is all about.

A young, enterprising, and dedicated team is at the helm of providing the generation of today with tools that make leaning science fun and stimulating.

Friends of YI

Anita N S

Anita N S is a writer and Communication skills trainer. Equipped with a Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Communication from Bangalore University, Anita conducts training programmes for Corporate and Educational Institutions. She has conducted teacher training programmes on Child Behaviour and Classroom Management, Time and Stress Management. Her areas of expertise have been developing website content across verticals as well as content creation for E-Learning spanning various educational boards such as CBSE, ICSE and many State Boards. The e-learning content covers the gamut of lesson plans, questionnaires, and multi media. Her articles on travel and lifestyle have appeared in the Deccan Herald and The Hindu.

Bharath A J

Everyone’s wish at some point in life is to make their passion their profession. Here we have a young man who made that very thought into a reality. Bharath A J, an engineer moved away from the humdrum of doing a 9 to 5 job and chased his dream of looking at the stars. A keen enthusiast of the skies and all things related to science, he began to research and created a curriculum that could encourage young students in schools and colleges to apply the knowledge gained practically.

Young Innovators was established by Bharath to nurture the scientific temper of children and provide them ample opportunities to explore the areas of aero-modelling, robotics and astronomy. A keen wildlife enthusiast, Bharath has been actively involved in Elephant Census and has participated in the north east, Tamilnadu, Kerala, South Maharashtra and Karnataka regions.

Dr Sujatha S

Focused observation and the ability to express the same in an articulate manner is a skill that is not found easily. Sujatha S has that rare skill. A researcher by choice in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Sujatha has rendered many talks to create awareness, interest and curiosity in looking up into the skies.

A docrtrate holder in Physics/Astrophysics from Bangalore University, Sujatha is currently working as a research scientist at M.P. Birla Institute of Fundamental Research and has been a guide to research scholars pursuing their PhD programmes as well as M.Phil and M.Tech. Her teaching tenure includes working with Mount Carmel College, holding talks for students and creating curriculum and delivering it across various educational institutions. She is a member of the Astronomical Society of India and the International Astronomical Society.

Dr. Archana
Bhat Kallahalla

Dr. Archana Bhat Kallahalla is a psychologist with a doctorate in Cognitive Learning. She has over a decade of experience in research in learning and teaching. Dr. Archana has been a change agent in the campuses. A skilled speaker she has addressed many forums of parents, students as well as faculty. A trainer par excellence, Dr. Archana has a deep knowledge of pedagogy and has been instrumental in aiding many educational institutions in adapting newer methodologies and gain insights into the learning process. , Dr. Archana has a keen interest in agriculture and nature.

Dr. Chethan

Dr. Chetan Parameshwariah has worked on the prestigious LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Observatory) Project, whose members received the Nobel Prize for Physics. A keen scientist he has been instrumental in designing and building of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Telescope interferometer in Socorro, New Mexico, USA.

A doctorate holder from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana, USA, he is currently the CEO of Industrial Engineering Instruments an Electronic Instrumentation company. His deep knowledge has been leveraged in manufacturing instrumentation related to test systems of National Labs, Defence and engineering college laboratory.

Nisarg Nirmal Kumar

Nisarg is an entrepreneur and a software engineer with a passion for building product ideas and designs in automotive. He is the co-founder of Skilfinity Technologies Pvt. Ltd a startup that dwells deeply with automotive engineering.

Prior to this Nisarg worked with RA Consulting GmbH, a German-based company as a Consultant and was responsible for business development and brand building. He has also worked at the home office of RA Consulting in Germany and was involved in design and development of automotive communication and testing software tools. A Master’s degree holder from Hochshule Heilbronn, Germany he has also worked as a Visiting Faculty for the University. His interests include biking, chess and fitness.

Pallavi Chethan

An avid science buff, Pallavi Chetan, is the CTO of Industrial Engineering Instruments and is responsible for instrumentation software design and implementation. As a software engineer she has designed and implemented software for testing of pilot helmets and pilot oxygen masks for DRDO.

Her gamut of experience includes IRIS Project at Socorro New Mexico, USA, Target Corporation a multiband retail giant. She has a MS degree from Louisiana State University.

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