The various ways of learning – trial and error, imitation, observational learning and insight learning can
all be leveraged to instill scientific temper in the young students. Tinker lab is the ideal place to explore,
discover, innovate and experiment through hands on approach to raise the spirit of scientific temper
among the young minds.

With tools and equipment to work with children get an opportunity to understand the how and why of
things related to Technology, Engineering, Math and Science. Young innovators with its vast experience –
of working with educational institutions, schools, faculty and children is well versed in setting up Tinker
Labs. These labs are portals for the young children to be inculcated and exposed to adaptive learning,
computational and physical computing, as well as the skill of design mindset.

Schools will benefit from a dedicated mentor and faculty with expertise to open the doors of hands on
learning, imagination, creativity and curiosity. Tinker labs are ideal places to nurture innovative ideas
and thoughts.

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