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Curiosity that children express is the best teacher one can find. Young Innovator fills in the gap that exists in today’s learning and ignites the curiosity that is so innate to children. It endeavours to make children think and nurture creativity. Engaged learning is what Young Innovators firmly believes in.

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The journey thus far would not have been what it is but for the mentors of Young Innovators. Each a reserve of knowledge and passion to further the ripple effect of sharing that knowledge. Our mentors from various walks of life ensure that the process of sharing knowledge, inspiring and motivating creative and problem solving thinking surges ahead.


Success Stories

for the year 2018 during the Leadership Summit titled 1st Annual Transformational Leadership Summit & Innovative Excellence Awards 2018 “Empowering Innovations in Transformational Leadership – Educators For Education”.

“Young Achiever Award”


I had been to Young innovators office get the feeling of new experience, synergy in the team. Now I am regular visitors to this place, every time going back with new knowledge learning experience. Highly recommend to all parents enroll children s to this energetic company, so that children can have new experience and find new path in their life……

– Girish Hiremath


I had been to this place when the moon of Jupiter and Mars was aligned to see them through the telescope. It was a great experience for me. Learned about different constellation which was an amazing experience. Have been a big fan of their workshops ever since.

– Sridevi l.s.


Top Notch Educational Training in Astronomy, Robotics, Aero Modelling. Our Students had a wonderful and interactive session with so much enthusiasm to learn above and beyond. Thank you Young Innovators with the commitment and dedication provided through out the training which stands par excellence when compared to others.
Appreciate the experience and diversed knowledge of Mr.Bharath for driving the session and his well co-ordinated team for providing top class training session.
Highly recommended for students if u want to learn and think out of the Box.

– Preetham V


My son spent his summer holidays attending hands-on electronics sessions at YI where he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learnt a great deal about basic concepts of Electronics. YI instructor coached him on projects using Arduino kit. I admire YI’s approach of teaching kids – starting from basic concepts and principles.

Added to YI’s competency in Electronics & Automation, its a pleasure to talk to Bharath – who is an avid naturalist and an expert in animal life & behaviour. YI is an awesome institution!

– Ram Urs


One of the best places to learn aero modeling. It is not just for kids even grown ups can enjoy the learning. I had a first hand experience of the aero modeling and the astronomy sessions. I had no words when I saw the Saturn rings and craters on the moon through the telescope.
All in all a great place to learn interesting things.

– Sangamesh BN


My students enjoy the classes and team Young Innovators provide an excellent platform for students to learn robotics, aeromodelling and astronomy.
Outstanding resource that helps students in inquiry based learning. As students enjoy learning, it helps them build their interest in learning making them active participants in class.

– Anuradha Ramesh

Principal NPS Agara

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